Mayland's River Front - at Mayland Parish Council

Notice of Public Rights to allow the public to view the Parish Council’s accounts are between 14th June and 23rd July 2021. Please look on our Finance page to view them and contact the Clerk if you have any queries.


Mayland Parish Council are now holding meetings in the Lawling Park Hall. If you would like to attend then please email the Clerk on maylandpc@gmail.com

We will try and pass on any information that we get to residents.

Please stay safe.


Mayland Parish Council takes the lead in many areas and has responsibility for the public open spaces within the village.  These include the Nature Reserve, the Lawling Park and areas abutting the river front.

Please note Mayland Parish Council’s change of e-mail address to maylandpc@gmail.com. 

Contact Information

Lawling Park Hall
Katonia Avenue

The clerk can be contacted at Lawling Park Hall between 9am and 1pm, Monday to Friday.

email : maylandpc@gmail.com

Telephone : 01621 743551/07869 558353