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Dog Walking


                 Maldon District Council have updated their  Public Space Protection Order valid from July 2022 – July 2025

           Obligations on people with dogs with regard to dog fouling, dogs on leads  and dog exclusion areas

                                                                                             Mayland Parish Council are going to adopt this order for the Lawling Park Field



Maldon District Council have advised the following for reporting dog fouling in the Lawling Field:

For either the public or the council to call them directly 01621 852475 with a description of the dog, the owners, times and dates. They can then visit at similar times to try and catch them and issue a Fixed Penalty notice. 

To not approach the owner as this may spook them and make them go elsewhere meaning they won’t get caught, and also because of the safety aspect if they get aggressive.


Mayland Parish Council Notice to all dog owners/walkers using Lawling Park

Mayland Parish Council (MPC) will be putting up signs on Lawling Park Football Field and Bakersfield with regards to Dog Walking. On Lawling Park Football Field, dogs must be kept on a lead and walked around the perimeter of the field ONLY.

On Bakersfield, dogs must be kept under control at all times ON and OFF the lead.  The Council intends to make this notice voluntary for the first three months commencing January 1st 2019 to allow dog owners/walkers to voluntarily comply with these rules. If they do not then a public open space order will be made mandatory and fines will be issued to dog owners/walkers for any dogs seen off the lead on the Lawling Park Football Field. The attached map shows the designated areas.

Legislation already exists allowing Fines of up to £1000 throughout Maldon District for dog fouling in public areas and are applied at all times. Mayland Parish Council employ Maldon District Council’s Park Rangers/Community Officers who are empowered to issue on the spot fines to offenders.

MPC’s survey of 2014 showed that 33% of Mayland/Maylandsea residents are dog owners, the vast majority of whom are responsible persons and pick up after their dogs. Unfortunately the offending few are spoiling it for the sports field users. What can responsible dog owners/walkers do to help?

1) Always carry enough poo bags

2) Offer poo bags to owners/walkers who have run out or have none to encourage them to pick up

3) When walking at night in Lawling Park always carry a torch to help locate your dog especially off lead

4) Report offenders by noting dog breed, owners clothing and date/time of offence to the MPC clerk

Map Legend

Cllr Peter Spires

Chair Lawling Park Committee

Mayland Parish Council

December 2018