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In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest first DIAL 999

You will be given the location & Key pad code to access the nearest defibrillator.

There is a defibrillator on the front wall of the Lawling Park Hall, the Postcode is CM3 6AD.  The location on what3words app is rocket.permit.rejected

There is a defibrillator at Hardy’s pub in Imperial Avenue, the Postcode is CM3 6AH. The location on what3words app is smirking.slipping.alien

There is a defibrillator at Blackwater Bistro, on the Marina, the Postcode is CM3 6AW. The location on what3words app is riverbed.udder.licks


For details on how to use the defibrillator please view this video


More information

Contact numbers for reporting any issues regarding faults to the cabinets are as follows:

Linda Whitefield 07869 558353

John Oatham 07852 844787